Les Inouïes 2015

“He was a shy, warm-hearted, stay-at-home person whose inner exaltation had the miraculous power to secretly snatch an unsuspected wealth of poetry from mundane life, like a bee which, from the juice of the poorest flowers could make the sweetest honey.”

Emilie Vuillermoz.


Franz Schubert is surely the composer that most humanely expresses the prevailing romantic individualism and melancholy of the time. A Festival meant for all of us will approach Schubert as the close, intimate and voluptuous narrator of our current and timeless living issues. A composer very much used in the cinema, no wonder : he tells about us, our moods, our loves, our lives, our deaths, our dreams, our anxieties, our joys; his melodies, his themes carry us away at once. His evocations are forceful, straightforward, by turns inward-looking,  guileless, peaceful or terrifying or blissfully infectious and delightful.


With Franz Schubert and Franck Krawczyk, the composer we have singled out this year, we will be telling you stories. In this Viennese setting, adumbrating a voluptuous 9th edition, one of our leading threads will then be the voice and more precisely, the outstanding relationship which Schubert established with the lied, this short-form setting of a poem to music, a miniature of a whole sound world, not unlike a popular song.


So, to evoke Schubert’s heavenly lengths, as Schumann put it, in one week is seemingly an impossible challenge! I have opted for some light settings, even allowing us the luxury of hearing some pieces over again several times, in a different way.


Thus, a thematic issue on the notion of transcription becomes apparent. To transcribe is actually to interpret, to reveal some part, to cast a different light. For this purpose, Franck Krawicz, our guest, composer, genuine transcriber, a fascinating, unique and unpredictable artist, will feel perfectly at home.


The proposed programme is the real portrait of an easy and unaffected musician, deeply marked by this Viennese aesthetic style that he will tell us about. There is even a look about him that may tease you into believing you are seeing the real Schubert himself!


Another particular feature of the year is the presence of Nicolas Worms as a young composer and transcriber in residence just like our young usual performers. Through a series of transcriptions of the “Gretchen at the spinning wheel” Lied, he will offer different “Episodes” throughout the festival.


I will let you discover the wealth of this delectable and daring programme. And don’t forget : let’s talk about it, let’s thoroughly enjoy, let’s rejoice, let’s be aware of the precious quality of the event, especially given the amazing featuring artists but also the hundreds of festivals dying out in France this year.


I wish you a thousand-and-one pleasures with many Schubertiades to listen to with pleasure, curiosity and no moderation!  Let’s hope Schubert can unite, initiate great encounters and convey his vitality, his hopes, his depth, his humanity in this early 21st century which is so much in need of.


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